Setting up the view and lightning

To see the room from the front as in the Game view, you can adjust the Scene view with the x,y,z-axes on the upper right corner until you receive the image below.

Featured image

In order to get started with the lightning of the room, mark Plane in Cornell tab on the left panel and choose Standard in Lightmaterial seen in Inspector. Extend the tab Lightmaterial and change the value of Emission to 40 and Global Illumination to Baked. In the menu bar, click at WindowLightning → Scene and mark Continious Baking box at the bottom of the panel. Also, edit the value of Indirect Intensity from 1 to 0.5.

Featured image

By clicking on Camera3D and changing the Rendering Path in Inspector to Forward and the Depth value to -1, you will receive this image below.

Featured image


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